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Fashion Designer
  1. 1.Overseas education or working experience will be an advantage
  2. 2.Fluent in spoken and written English
  3. 3.Good command of design tools with aided design, sketching ability
  4. 4.Demonstrated understanding of fashion trends, fabrics and trims
  5. 5.0-5 years working experience in fashion design capacity esp. with multinational enterprises
  6. 6.Experience in working with factory together to create new design samples
  7. 7.Strong sense of the esthetic-an eye for color and detail, a sense of balance and proportion, and an appreciation for beauty
  8. 8.Strong sense of fashion and business, commercial oriented
  9. 9.A designer who can be advanced in trends and trend prediction
  10. 10.Creative, imaginative, persistent, and able to communicate ideas in writing, visually, and verbally -Well-read, open to new ideas and influences, and quick to react to changing trends
  11. 11.Good problem-solving skills, good ability to work independently and under pressure
  12. 12.Self-discipline to start projects on his/her own, to budget time, and to meet deadlines and production schedules